We would like to express our deepest sympathies to everyone affected by this earthquake and their families.We sincerely pray for everyone's safety and the earliest possible recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.We pray that the lives of all those affected by the disaster will return to peace as soon as possible.
Applications for Hokuriku Discount will be accepted from March 8th.


Takekurabe of the four seasons

You can enjoy various scenery depending on the season, such as cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, colored leaves in autumn, and snowy scenery in winter.
The dishes that you can enjoy both mountain food and seafood are also very popular!

A 100% source hot spring where you can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons Takekurabe by nature.
Please enjoy the whispers of nature and the singing voices of the little birds to your heart's content.

Announcement of “Fukui de Ikoyo Campaign” and “Hokuriku Discount”

  • Hokuriku discount

    Hokuriku Wari begins.
    Applies to those who have made reservations from March 8th.
    If you have made a reservation before then, you will need to reschedule your reservation.

    Please make your reservations early as your budget is limited.
    Click image for details
  • About the Fukui de Oyakukoyo campaign

    Currently suspended due to budget limitations.

    ①:People living along the Hokuriku Shinkansen and the northern Kanto area
    (Target prefectures: Fukui Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Toyama Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Tokyo) → Now eligible nationwide!
    ②Implementation period: January 9, 2020 (Tuesday) to February 20, 2020((Tuesday)
    *Until check-out on Wednesday, February 21st
    *Campaigns may be changed or canceled depending on the epidemic situation of infectious diseases and budget execution status.

    Click on the image for details!
  • Most Popular plan that includes a whole snowflake

    A powerful combination of snow crab, the king of winter flavors, and Wakasa beef!
    There is also plan that comes with Taniguchiya's fried rice grilled on a ceramic plate, which is a modest amount.
    Both come with sashimi and tempura!

    Click on the image for details!

    *【Echizen crab with tag】Please contact us if you have any requests.

Countermeasures against Novel Coronavirus Disease

  • About measures ①

    We put the health and safety of our customers and employees first, and take the following measures so that our customers can use our products with peace of mind.

    ■Staff measures
    ・Hand wash, gargle, wear mask
    ・Carry out regular temperature measurement
    ・Customer service that is conscious of the distance to the customer
    ・Preparation of emergency response manuals and regular staff training

    ■Supports sterilization and ventilation
    ・Regular disinfection cleaning and ventilation in the facility (drinking area) and common areas
    ・Sterilization and cleaning of guest rooms, guest room slippers, and equipment each time
    ・Ventilation before and after using the guest room
    ・Preventing splashes by installing an acrylic plate on the front desk, etc.
    ・Sterilization and cleaning of equipment in the bathhouse
  • About measures ②

    ・Adjust room occupancy to avoid congestion
    ・Management and decentralization of congestion at the venue
    ・Admission restrictions for customers who are in poor physical condition

    ■Requests to guests
    ・Request for disinfection when visiting
    ・Request for hand washing and gargling
    ・Request to wear a mask outside the guest room

Within this facility / facility

  • Lobby

    A modern and open lobby.
    The ceiling is high and the feeling of openness is outstanding.
  • In-hotel shop"Thank you"

    No. 1 repeat rate, homemade and a gem of this facility.
    It is a so-called heshiko.

    ■Takekurabe soy sauce
    It is a rich original soy sauce that is also used in this facility.
    Perfect for slow food.

    ■Various local sake
    This is the sake of Kubota Sake Brewery, a brewery in Maruoka Town.
    There are many types such as Maruoka Castle, Brief Message from the Heart Museum, and Kura no Yado.

    Habutae mochi, Echizen soba, and various other specialty products are available.

    We also accept local shipping.
    Please contact us at the cashier counter for details.
  • Dining"Yasuragi"

    We will provide dinner and breakfast for overnight guests.

    You can also eat there on a day trip.

    【Recommended menu】
    Takekurabe set meal / Sashimi set meal / Grated soba / Sauce cutlet bowl / Fried chicken / Karaage / Various drinks
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88-8 Yamatakeda, Maruoka Town, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

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About 40 minutes by bus from JR Fukui Station to Honmaruoka.
From Honmaruoka, take the bus For Takeda and get off at Takekurabe Mae mae.
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Naturally healed

  • Origin of Takekurabe

    In the eastern part of Sakai City, upstream of the Takeda River River, there are mountains that seem to line up in front of and behind each other.
    When viewed from a distance, they look as if they are competing with each other in height, which is why they have long been called "Takekurabe" and have been loved by local residents.

    The ridge road, which is covered with Sasa kurilensis and follows the ridgeline to Joboji in the south, is a good mountain trail and reaches the summit in about 4 hours from Takeda.
    Climbers who know the origin of this mountain climb the mountain with a stone, and put the stone on the top so that the height of the favorite mountain is as high as possible.

About Takekurabe

  • Takeda River mountain stream

    The Takeda River River flows from Mt.
    You can enjoy various landscapes depending on the season, such as fresh greenery and fiery autumn leaves.
    Also, the murmuring enriches the mind.
  • Japanese garden

    A Japanese garden where you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery of the mountains with various creatures, such as migratory birds singing as the seasons change.
    How about a little walk?
  • Weeping cherry tree

    Due to the mountain village, the flowering time is a little later than the cherry blossoms in the city, and the best time to see it is from mid-April to late April.
    When it is in full bloom, the area is dyed pink, showing a beautiful contrast with the fresh green mountains.

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