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News from the taste of the blessings of the four seasons

The glossy cooked rice is Koshihikari from Takeda.
Takeda -style hospitality is also served with dishes that incorporate plenty of mountain produce and seafood.

Please enjoy it together with our homemade heshiko and the famous deep-fried tofu.
We hope that each dish will be a memory of your trip.
  • Dinner

    Enjoy simple seasoned dishes that make the best use of the taste of the ingredients, using mainly local ingredients such as Koshihikari from Produced in Fukui Prefecture and fresh seafood.

    【An example】
    sashimi/ /Hassun/ /pottery/ /Fried food/ /Hot pot/ /Steamed food/ /soba noodles/ /Kamameshi/ /Soup/ /Pickled Vegetables
    / /Dessert

    The menu is for business use only, and there are about 5 daily mini-kaiseki meals such as tempura.
    • Supper information

      Meal time

      From 18:00 to 20:45((Last start time 19:00)


      Restaurant "Yasuragi" or"Between the Flights"
  • Breakfast

    Japanese set meals will be prepared at the cafeteria.
    Rice, miso soup, and coffee are self-service and free to refill!

    【An example】
    grilled fish/ /Hot pot/ /Hot spring egg/ /Boiled food/ /Seasoned seaweed/ /cooked rice/ /Miso soup
    • Breakfast information

      Meal time

      From 7:30 to 8:30




      Some items such as rice, tea, and coffee are self-service.
  • dining"Yasuragi"

    Enjoy the local taste.
    You can eat on a day trip.
    We have a wide variety of drinks from soft drinks to alcohol.

    【Recommended menu】
    Takekurabe set meal/ /Peaceful lunch/ /Fillet cutlet bowl set/ /Grated soba/ /Takeda's grilled

    As a general rule, only those with reservations are allowed in the evening.
    • Dining room information

      Opening Hours

      11:00 to 14:00