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Hot Springs

It is a "gentle hot spring" with a natural scent.

For day trip hot springs, please refer to "Day trip hot springs" below.

Feel the four seasons and moisturize your heart

It is a gentle hot spring that can be safely used by children and the elderly because it uses 100% of the hot springs that have soft ingredients and are dissolved in hot water.

There is one large communal bath for men and women, and you can see "cherry blossoms, fresh greenery, autumn leaves, snow scenes" from the wide windows.
Please enjoy with the warm atmosphere of Satoyama that changes its expression from season to season.
  • Large communal bath for men

  • Large communal bath for women

  • One-day hot spring 

    ■Day trip hot spring time
    Standard:10am to 8pm
    Saturdays, days before holidays, GW, Obon, year-end and New Year holidays:10am to 3pm
    *Closed every Wednesday.

    ■Admission fee((Tax included)
    Adult(s)((Junior high school students and above):500 JPY
    Children((3 years old or older):250 JPY
    Children under age 3.:Free

    Coupon((11 sheets):5,000 yen

    ■Room charge((Tax included)
    You can also take a break in your room. ((11:00 to 15:00)

    Rooms:From 4,620 to 6,600 yen
    Big Hall:14,300 yen
    Ballroom:9,680 yen
    Multipurpose hall:15,400 yen
    Large hall / medium hall:21,780 yen
    Training room:12,100 yen

    *You can also dine at the cafeteria "Yasuragi".

Hot spring information list

Izumi source name

Maruoka Onsen No. 1 well

Hot Spring Qualities

Calcium-sulfate spring


muscle pain/ /Fifty shoulders/ /Motor paralysis/ /Bruise/ /Sprain/ /Chronic gastrointestinal disease/ /Hemorrhoids/ /Sensitivity/ /Post-illness recovery period/ /Fatigue recovery/ /Health Promotion/ /cut/ /scald/ /Arteriosclerosis

how to use

It is used by heating it in a natural hot spring and controlling the temperature through circulation filtration.
Not hydrated. ((Use only the source)

Hot spring tax

150 yen/adult

Number of baths

[Indoor bath]Man:1 woman:1 Mixed bathing:0
[Open-air bath / sauna]No